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ODIN Checkpoint

ODIN Checkpoint is a cloud-based solution for improving your facilities management that supports:

  • paperless maintenance task management
  • management of unplanned incidents
  • live production tracking, and
  • machine condition monitoring via our AI-enabled vibration sensor.

Made for businesses
of all sizes

Because it is a modular solution, you can start with one technician and one piece of equipment, and expand over time to monitor all plant assets using ODIN Checkpoint.

Customers who rely on ODIN Checkpoint

How ODIN Checkpoint can transform your operations

Make legacy machines smarter

Collect production performance and asset health data from new and old machines via ODIN Raven, our non-invasive, AI-enabled vibration sensor.

Use the data to count machine cycles and cycle times, detect high-risk anomalies, monitor asset utilisation, and identify improvement opportunities.

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Decrease downtime with real-time alerts to the right people

Our alert system can be activated manually by a technician or automatically by our vibration sensor.

Your team can log, track and respond to unplanned issues such as breakdowns, part shortages and safety incidents more efficiently.

Create custom charts to identify and address high-frequency issues. Notifications and tasks are also automatically assigned and scheduled following a sensor alert.

Get control over your maintenance function

Empower your technicians to schedule and manage their tasks, whether preventative or reactive, and to provide instant feedback via the app.

Give technicians the tools to work smarter​

Interactive work instructions and SOPs can include media such as videos and images for on-the-job guidance and training.

Digitise your non-production tasks

Go paperless with a dedicated task manager for verification checks, continuous improvement actions, and safety audits.

Track your production output digitally

Replace paper-based record-keeping with our user-friendly app. Live-track the trends for corrective action planning when targets aren’t met.

Find asset documentation fast with your digital filing cabinet

Get quick cloud access to all your critical asset and project documentation in one place. Just scan the QR code on the asset or log in to the app.

Enjoy access to live analytics

Get a real-time, bird’s-eye view of your plant performance and cut the time it takes to take action and report on planned and unplanned tasks.

Capture and share data with Rapid Records

This customisable, in-app feature allows your team to capture, organise and share text-based and numerical data efficiently and on the spot.

How ODIN Checkpoint has helped our customers

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