Error-proof your discrete assembly process.

Build high-quality parts, every time.

ODIN Checkpoint

ODIN Workstation is a data-driven Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with core features that include:

  • AI-assisted operator guidance
  • quality assurance
  • direct device integration
  • production planning, and
  • advanced analytics. 

Made for manufacturers
of all sizes

Designed for any size manufacturer, ODIN Workstation allows you to start with a single station and grow to large-scale enterprise solutions.

Customers who benefit from ODIN Workstation

How ODIN Workstation can optimise your production efficiencies

Error-proof your manual assembly with AI-assisted operator guidance

Assemble faster, with fewer mistakes, using visual work instructions

  • Step-by-step, animated instructions
  • Intuitive ‘next step’ indicators
  • Part numbers and bin IDs of parts to pick
  • Tool or equipment to be used
  • Operation results

Use the power of AI computer vision to guide the operator through an accurate, validated assembly process

  • Work instructions are connected to station equipment, such as the bolting tools.
  • Station hardware, such as the tool positioning system, confirms that the correct tightening sequence has been followed.
  • The tool is automatically disabled if it is out of position.
  • Other hardware such as cameras and sensors can also be programmed to ensure process security.
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Benefit from built-in quality assurance and traceability

Being able to record, trace and report on every step in the assembly process, including any process deviations, contributes to improved quality and first time through rates.

Manage your risk and reduce costs

The dedicated rework management functionality allows any failed parts to be sent for disassembly, with suggested operations and sequences to return them to production, thereby:

  • reducing scrap costs and
  • improving overall product quality.

Collect end-of-line quality data in one place

Digitise your end-of-line Quality Assurance check sheet, including the uploading of supporting images.

Full product traceability ensures easy compliance with quality standards and audits.

Configure your line anywhere, any time

Continuous process optimisation is now possible. Empower your process engineers and production managers with our no-code, web-based line planning tool.

It’s easy, simple and cost-effective to set up and reconfigure any line with minimal disruption to production.

  • Start by setting up production line zones
  • Within each zone, place the stations and connected devices such as PLCs and hardware 
  • Configure the different variants
  • Set up work instructions for each
  • Fit them into sequences

Access analytics that matter

Get relevant, real-time data straight from your production line. Our solution automatically collects, analyses and presents the data, which means your engineers can devote their time to solving the problem instead of trying to find it.

Built-in reporting allows you to make the right decisions faster to optimise production.

Keep your manufacturing process lean – identify bottlenecks and areas of waste, and move operations around.

A dynamic build sequence allows you to switch variants and build multiple products on the same flexible assembly line.

Build any variant in any sequence

Simplify the integration of your production line equipment

One integrated platform connects manual, semi-automatic and automatic station equipment – with deep hardware integration.

  • Barcode scanner
  • Bolting tools (TCP/IP)
  • Printer
  • Manual data entry
  • Pick-to-light systems
  • Overall part buyoff
  • PLC integration
  • Automatic (robotic) stations
  • Tool position control
  • As part of this service, the ODIN team can develop custom hardware interfaces and controls.









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