Your machine can tell you if it's heading for a breakdown.

You just need a listening device.

ODIN Raven

ODIN Raven is a non-invasive vibration sensor that attaches to your machines and integrates seamlessly with our ODIN Checkpoint app.

This powerhouse duo delivers meaningful, real-time data for managing even your oldest assets.

Machine data means nothing if it's not analysed

Pair ODIN Raven with ODIN Checkpoint's reporting dashboards to:

  • analyse vibration data
  • detect anomalies
  • take preventative action, and
  • monitor machine performance.

Customers who have implemented ODIN Raven

How ODIN Raven can unlock critical machine data

Use the data to:

  • count machine cycles and cycle times
  • detect high-risk anomalies
  • monitor asset utilisation
  • identify improvement opportunities

Make legacy machines smarter

Collect production performance and asset health data from new and old machines via a non-invasive, AI-enabled vibration sensor.

Solve equipment failures before they happen

Monitoring your machine health allows your technicians to take a proactive approach to machine maintenance and avoid unplanned downtime.

Get the most from your machines

Monitor your machine cycles and output, and find out if your equipment is being used to its full potential or if additional equipment is required.

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Access your vibration data analytics

By onboarding your sensor to the ODIN Checkpoint dashboard, you can track asset usage and operation state, monitor machine cycles and output.

Use this data to predict potential failures, schedule preventative maintenance and optimise machine performance.

Get automatic alerts instantly

When the sensor detects an anomaly in the vibration patterns, the system automatically raises an alert and assigns a technician to attend to the problem.

How ODIN Raven has helped our customers

TK Manufacturing’s Good Vibrations

Elevating production visibility

Welfit Oddy’s Seamless Success

Optimising Welding Efficiency

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