Train your employees to perform complex tasks or handle hazardous scenarios.

All in a 100% risk-free environment.


ODIN VR uses an engaging, immersive virtual reality experience plus 360 video content to train your employees effectively, safely, and with measurable results.

Made for organisations
of all sizes

Start with a single critical process simulation or train all your employees on your global standards using ODIN VR.

Now you can host all your training content and maintain the training register for your entire organisation on one platform.

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Step into a virtual training simulation that reflects your reality

Roll out risk-free training

Train your employees on specific processes or general workplace procedures in an effective, risk-free environment that does not affect your production or endanger them in any way.

Create customised, real-world content

Our dedicated content creation team develops engaging, customised 360 video and VR content that reflects your working reality and puts a person in the actual scenario.

Ensure standardised, repeatable training

Make sure every employee receives the same training experience and approved content.

Eliminate human error and improve knowledge transfer without relying on the varying skill of instructors.

Deliver cost-effective programmes

Access all your training simulations on one online platform that can be easily updated and used multiple times across multiple locations, without incurring instructor and travel costs.

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Get better training results

Fully immersive VR training is more effective because it is engaging and interactive, and there are no distractions, allowing employees to really focus on the voice-guided learning process.

Track measurable progress with comprehensive reporting

Get data-driven insights into how each individual performed in their training simulations and where they can improve.

Conduct tests, record the results and access training registers.

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